FOLD Stories - Origin

Each month we'll feature a blog from one of the fabulous designer - makers we stock in FOLD.

This month...Origin

Origin are an Aberdeen based start-up, founded by a group of designers that are challenging the current narrative around plastic. Their business model and vision support the philosophy of circularity and their motivation resonates from the idea that waste materials have value and should be recycled at source – reducing the carbon footprint associated to shipping waste materials around the planet to be recycled.


Origin Workshop

We at the barn are really delighted to support artists, designers and thinkers who are proactive in their vision for environmental change. Origin realises that to facilitate change, efforts need to be made at local grassroots levels. Their proactive approach - building ideas, machines and prototypes all of which underpin their larger ambition to create an origin hub will potentially allow the public to bring in their plastic, see it being recycled and be part of the process of tangible change.


Origin Packaging

Origin’s inaugural recycled mini planters are now being stocked in FOLD. Each pot comes with a ceramic drip tray, seed paper and plastic free, recyclable packaging. The Origin team challenges our perceptions and encourages us to see how this material can be transformed and reused. Single use plastics are out!


Origin mini planters

Origin’s tagline is #dobetter, they are passionate about their vision and we are delighted to present their products.

Do better, buy better, support local.

For more information about origin that, go to:

Instagram: @originthat

Facebook: Originthat