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I have always enjoyed creating, with three daughters it was normal for us (and often their friends) to be found at the dining table modelling objects from salt dough, painting beach stones, writing story books and such-like.

As a child growing up in London we would make our own water and flour paste for glue, design cardboard and string sandals in the summertime and organise song and dance shows for one another, I even recall making a pan filled with bacon, eggs, fried Jamaican dumplings and beans all made out of ‘plasticine’… those were the days.

I get my inspiration from past and present experience and settings. Born into a family of twelve and raised by Jamaican parents in a community called Ealing. We were surrounded by tree lined avenues with flowers everywhere it seemed, and an amazing alleyway system abundant with berries, and fruit trees in season. Nearby were parks, adventure playgrounds and our road was always full of life, with kids playing and creating all sorts of adventures, until we were in at suppertime.

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We now live in a beautiful village called Auchenblae, here I continue to be inspired by our surroundings. I became Potter a few years ago and work out of a yellow cabin situated In our back yard, my very own studio. Having pondered the possibilities of harvesting clay, my husband got a load of local ‘Howe O’ the Mearn’s mud and through trial and error I successfully transformed it into local Clay, that is lovely to work with.

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For the most part, I am a self-taught ceramist, experimenting and working with various techniques in the hope of producing what I imagine with my mind’s eyes. I am learning that ‘practise does indeed make perfect’ so much so, mistakes made, have frequently become an indispensable teacher. *By taking an imperfection and tweaking it a little here or there, I end up with works that are authentic and true.

A slab roller, a banding-wheel and brushes of varying widths. Fettling knives, rasps, and ribs are some of the tools you will find in my studio, but the tools I most value, are my hands and my imagination.

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2020 finds me producing Face Pots of Colour, functional pieces which represents me, my family and friends from our diverse backgrounds. I work with either Earthenware, Stoneware, Black ‘Vulcan’ clays and Porcelain. Once each piece is formed, it is bisque fired at 1000c in my Kiln, I then apply a ceramic transfer, glaze it and kiln fire it again between 1080c – 1220c. Finally, each Face Pot of Colour is decorated with vintage brass, sterling silver or rose gold. On occasion I will include a handmade pair of wire spectacles, for a quirky vibe.

The remainder of the work is up to the person who acquires a Face Pot of Colour, as their plants of choice, determines the hairstyle making it all the more funky and unique.

*The way of Wabi Sabi: The process of perfected imperfection

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