Fair Work Statement

Fair Work Statement

The Barn believes that employees are crucial to our success.

We foster a supportive, empathetic and inclusive working culture and we value training, development and flexibility.

We are committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy.

Effective Voice

The Barn believes in empowering employees’ voices and promoting collective voice within the organisation and fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding. We achieve this through various means; team meetings, annual reviews, sharing sessions, employee surveys, digital inspiration spaces, staff forums and workforce representatives.


The Barn believes in a fair, transparent and inclusive approach to recruitment, selection and induction processes. All opportunities are advertised publicly. We continue to invest in training for all staff focusing on organisational priorities and individual personal development. We actively develop budget and staff time allocations for training and development for employees, volunteers and freelancers, aiming to provide equal access to growth opportunities.


The Barn believes in providing fulfilling and financially stable work. We are committed to offering fair contracts at sensible rates and at a minimum of Real Living Wage. We use zero-hours contracts responsibly and commit to minimum of 3-hour shifts, agreed a month in advance.


The Barn believes that work should be fulfilling and promote a sense of belonging. We engage staff in all aspects of work and invest in training, learning and skills development. We promote a culture of flexible and hybrid working to accommodate family and caring commitments and good mental health.


The Barn has strong policies addressing bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation in the workplace. We believe everyone is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity at work and we encourage staff to uphold this value. Together we make a safe space.

While this statement outlines the Barn’s policy for staff members, it also applies in principle to all freelancers, volunteers, participants and stakeholders who engage with the Barn.