Growing Together 

Feed your creativity AND the earth - Growing Together with the Barn as part of Climate Week North East 2023.


Feed your creativity AND the earth with the Barn and Climate Week North East 2023.

Thank you for participating in our Growing Together outreach project in collaboration with One Seed Forward and RGU’s Mobile Art School.

By creating this educational resource, we invite people of all ages to explore many ways to connect with nature by growing their own food, to eat seasonally and healthily and to share their knowledge with others in the community.

Watch RGU’s Mobile Art School video below for ways to create your own hessian potato grow bag. In addition, some playful ideas on how to get creative and personalise your grow bags using stencils, textile appliques and stitched embellishment.

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To help you get started with growing some tatties follow the simple graphic below:

Potato Bag Instructional Leaflet

We hope that you enjoy learning how to plant, care for and grow heritage potatoes!

Don’t forget to share the results of your crop with your friends, family and wider community! #growingtogetherday

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