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Community Writing Project 2017. Exhibition: 2018

Elaine Reid - writer-in-residence
Elaine Reid's own work

Writer Elaine Reid led our community project Flourish during 2017 - encouraging the community to start writing outdoors in our Wild Garden.

Flourish started in Spring of 2017 as a community project offering a wide range of opportunities for people of all ages to engage in creative activities, from writing workshops to mindfulness activities, aimed at enhancing their sense of wellbeing.

Workshops were held in the Wild Garden and a variety of community locations and focused on taking notice of and connecting to the world around us.

Elaine created a giant word installation for the project launch which included 23 acrylic words hung in the trees. These became the focus for a variety of local schools and the wider community including writing for wellbeing, visual poetry and labyrinth walking.



Breathe, a collaboration between Elaine Reid and choreographer Mhairi Allan, used the 23 words as their inspiration for a series of three found poetry and movement workshops.

Flourish Plus Words
Breathe. Filmed by Graeme MacDonald for the Barn
Floruish Exhibition1

FLOURISH Exhibition: March 2018

The FLOURISH exhibition brought together work created by all the community groups involved in the project alongside Elaine's own work - a series of visual poems based on the words which became her 'Temenos 23'. Temenos: a boundaried piece of ground designated as a sacred space or sanctuary.

Wild Words Workshop - results

Group Poem written by:
Ruth Emslie, Joan MacMaster, Mary Malcolm, Sheila Moir, Olga Moroni, Cheryl Paul, Gemma Price, Elaine Reid, Jan Simpson, Kelvin Tonner during the 'Wild Words' workshop series held as part of The Barn's FLOURISH programme in 2017.

Flourish Video

"Our writing and wellbeing project is FLOURISH-ing" - 16 June 2017

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Explorer Packs

To help families discover our Wild Garden and get creative using we produced free Explorer packs available to collect from the box office. Packs include writing, nature and craft activities.


As a workshop facilitator, I am constantly in awe of the writing people produce in workshops. And witnessing how each person benefits from the telling of their story strengthens my belief in the power of sharing as medicine for the soul. Elaine Reid
Flourish 2