Newton Harrison 

On The Deep Wealth of this Nation

A vision on Scotland and the Dee catchment

The Barn is delighted to be working with internationally acclaimed artist Newton Harrison, who along with his wife Helen Mayer, has been a leading figure in global arts ecology since the 1960’s. The project started in 2017 and will be ongoing over the next few years.

Work with the Harrison Studio and the Centre for the Study of the Force Majeure forms the core of the Barn’s Art & Ecology programme for 2017-21, and will engage with environmental agencies, farming, fishing, forestry, government, academia, local communities and the creative sector.

Newton And The Dee 1 Edit

Newton Harrison in Deeside, August 2017. Photo by Kelly Skye.

The Project

We invited Newton to visit Aberdeenshire to open a conversation leading to action involving local agencies and communities in exploring the impacts of climate change on our local environment, centering initially on the catchments of the Dee and Don rivers. 

Newton Harrison gave a presentation at the Barn on 26th August 2017. 

Watch the edited film of Newton's presentation on Vimeo

Following the Harrisons' methodology, we hope to create a space where all voices can be heard and practical strategies can be formulated and shared. A summary of the background to this work can be downloaded below. 

Mini-Documentary: Launch and Live Streaming from California 9 March 2018

Following Newton's visit, we are exploring a number of research questions in collaboration with the Hutton Institute in Aberdeen and continuing the dialogue.

The Centre for the Study of the Force Majeure is making a mini-documentary about the work, launched by Newton on the 9th of March 2018, live-streamed from California. More information about this event

Exhibition and related events September 2018

The screening of this mini-documentary and continuing conversations will inform the development of a public exhibition and related events in September 2018.

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Background to Newton Harrison's work