Tech Spec

As Aberdeenshire's leading multi-arts venue, the Barn is well equipped with a range of high-quality sound, lighting and technical systems.

Our flexible venue is capable of hosting everything from music gigs to international live-screenings, and with a highly-skilled technical team available to support all your event needs the Barn is the natural choice for event hire and touring productions alike.


  • Theatre Seating: up to 240
  • Standing: up to 300 
  • Cabaret: up to 150 


  • Wheelchair Access to Backstage/Dressing Rooms/Stage via ramps in gallery (parallel to main space) 
  • Guide Dogs are welcome 
  • We will seek to cater for other special needs if we are advised in advance. 

Car Parking

Car park on site suitable for LWB Van, please advise if you require parking for bigger vehicle. 


  • Main space is 23.45m x 11.3m  
  • Stage- 11.1m (W) x 5.45m (D) x x 0.88m (H)
  • Treads on from DSR (a second set of treads are available) 
  • Dance Floor- 11.79m x 11.3m – Sprung Dance Floor with Harlequin Grey flooring installed 
  • Get In- Flat from car park via 2.5m x 1.5m 
  • Door onto dance floor 
  • Clearance Height- Dance Floor 3.3m, Stage 2.9m 
  • Please see drawing for further details

Theatre Lighting

Installed Dimmers

2x Zero88 Chilli 24 Dimmer Pack

  • 10a per channel
  • Channels 1-8 - Phase 1
  • Channels 9-16 - Phase 2
  • Channels 17-24 - Phase 3
  • Max 40a per phase 

1x Zero88 Chilli 12 Dimmer Pack

  • 10a per channel
  • Channels 1, 4, 7, 10 – Phase 1
  • Channels 2, 5, 8, 11 – Phase 2
  • Channels 3, 6, 9, 12 – Phase 3

(NB. 4 Channels are used for House Lights)

Portable Dimmers

  • 3x Paradim 6x10a 


  • 44x Dimmed Circuits above Dance floor 
  • 6x 15a Hard Power above Dance Floor (Jumps to 13a available in house) 
  •  9x Dimmed Circuits above Stage 
  • 10x 15a Hard Power above Stage (Jumps to 13a available in house) Additional 
  • 12x Dimmed Floor Circuits available (6 per side) from Portable Dimmers Additional 
  • 6x Dimmed Circuits at back of room from Portable Dimmers Please advise in advance if you require additional circuits. 
  • 2x DMX 5pin Connections per IWB (Jumps to 3pin available) DMX 3pin Connections available on stage (Jumps to 5pin available) 


  • ETC Element 40 – 500Ch 

Lantern Stock

  • 10x Source4 Junior Zoom 25/50 
  •  2x Strand Brio Profile 18/30 
  •  2x Strand Brio Profile 25/50 
  •  2x Strand Prelude 28/40 
  •  12x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel 
  •  2x Strand Prelude Fresnel 
  •  6x Strand Prelude PC 
  •  12x Showtec Q4 RGBW Led Par Can 
  •  12x Par64 Long Nose (Chrome) – Fitted with CP88 Lamps 
  •  4x Par56 Long Nose 
  •  4x Par56 Short Nose 
  •  4x Strand Nocturne Flood 


  • 80a Incoming 3 Phase Power
  • Installed Dimmer Packs - 40a per phase
  • 2x Furman 10a IEC power distro
  • 63a 3 Phase 5pin Socket available backstage
  • 5x Two Gang 13a Socket around stage
  • 2x 2 gang 13a outdoor tour bus power
  • NB please advise in advance if you require use of 3 phase supply, Portable Dimmers cannot be used if this socket is required. 

Weight limitations

Stage grid: Each longitudinal bar has a maximum weight limit of 30 kgs (including weight transferred by the cross members)

Barn A-frame: Each A-frame has a maximum overall limit for suspended items of 200kgs**. The A-frames are approx 11m long and no more than 100kgs** should be loaded onto either half of the beam. A limit of 100kgs** applies if the weight is applied in the centre of the beam.

Note that this weight limit includes luminaires attached to the IWBs

A maximum of 40kgs applies to each section of the IWBs (IWB sections are approx 4m as they are supported on the A-frame roof supports).

** NOTE: If there is more than 3" of snow on the roof, the above A-frame weight limits are halved. 


FOH PA System

  • 2x Martin Audio Blackline F12 - Flown Front (One per side) 
  • 2x Martin Audio Blackline S18 (One per side) 
  • 2x Martin Audio Blackline F12 – Flown Rear (Can be used for surround sound or as delay fills) 
  • 1x Martin Audio Blackline F12 – Loose (for cinema centre fill) Powered by QSC PLX 1802 & QSC PLX 3602  

Monitor System:

  • 6x Logic Systems LM12 2x QSC GXD8 (2 channels each) 
  • Monitors mixed from FOH Additional monitor mixes can be made available, please advise in advance 


  • 1x Allen & Heath GLD112 Chrome 
  • 1x Allen & Heath AR2412 Stage Box 

Additional Sound System:

  • 2x JBL Control 12c/t Ceiling Speaker Installed in Gallery Space 
  • 1x JBL Control 12c/t Ceiling Speaker Installed in Bar
  • 1x Cloud Electronics 46/50 Mixer Amp 
  • Main PA signal can be routed to zones, Additional Mic/MP3 input available in gallery and barn 


  • 5x Shure SM58 
  • 2x Shure SM57 
  • 2x Shure Beta57 
  • 4x AKG SE391 
  • 2x AKG c214 (matched pair) 
  • 3x Sennheiser e604
  • 1x Sennheiser e602 
  • 4x Audio Technika Proline 
  • 1x AKG D112 
  • 3x AKG D40 
  • 2x Sennheiser EW100 Handheld Radio Mic (Channel 70) 
  • 1x AKG Tetrad 4-way Wireless system
  • 2x Hand Held &
  • 2x Headset
  • 4x Klark Teknik DN100
  • 2x Nomad Active DI
  • 9x Behringer Ultra DI100 
  • A selection of short and tall mic stands available 

Portable Sound:

  • 2x Mackie SRM450 (with speaker stands)
  • 1x Mackie DFX12 Mixer (6x Mic Input, 2x Stereo Input)
  • 1x Mackie ONYX16 Mixer (16 Mic Input, 2x Stereo Input) 


  • Boston Steinway Grand 5’10” (NB. Stored stage left and does not come off stage) 
  • Overstrung upright Piano- On castors, can be moved throughout building 

Induction Loop

  • Induction Loop System installed in main performance space (mics over stage). 



Panasonic PTDZ6700E with 18.-2.4 Lens - Installed on grid 2x Epsom EMP-70 Portable Projector


5m Harkness Major C perforated Screen (Projection area 4.9m x 2.1m) – Permanently Installed Tripod Style Portable Screen – 950mm x 950mm


  • Denon DN-A7100 - Switching and 5:1 Surround Sound splitting 
  • Krammer VS41-H – 4 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher 
  • Denon DN-V500BD Blu-Ray/DVD Player 
  • Icecrypt Satellite Receiver/Recorder
  • 2x 1.2m Satellite Dishes Installed on roof (IS 10-02 and 905) 

Technical Manager: Kevin Yule

For any further questions, please get in touch


Barn Plan


Basic Stage plan


Barn Side Elevation


Barn Tech Specs 2017