MiniFest | 5 - 8 April

Children's festival at the Barn

MiniFest is back this Spring with a packed festival of wonderful theatre performances for young children. Book your tickets early to avoid missing out!

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Thursday 5 April, 2pm

Grandad and Me

Tickets £5 per person BOOK

Age 5+ 

The Letter J presents a charming, living storybook about loss, longing and the treasures of memory and imagination. We meet a young girl who is missing her Grandad – he has gone, even though his favourite job was being her Grandad. Led by found objects and her imagination, she traces his footsteps on a magical adventure through time and space. A mosaic of live music, movement and animation engage the audience in this adorable, moving story.

Friday 6 April, 11.30am & 2.30pm

The Attic

Tickets £5 per person 

11.30am BOOK
2.30pm BOOK

Age 2-5

The Attic is a magical place where hidden treasures come to life as the imagination of the two characters come together. Set to a live original piano score, with a chance to take tea and a chance to dance, The Attic invites little ones and their carers to watch and join in the story, bringing generations together.

Caroline Bowditch And Zac Scott Snigel And Friends Photographer Eoin Carey

Snigel and Friends

Saturday 7 April, 11am  

Snigel and Friends

Tickets £5 per person BOOK

Age 0-1

Join Snigel, the inquisitive snail, in their cozy home underneath the leafy canopy; a colourful and sensory world where Snigel’s insect friends come to visit. They dance, play, sing and make music in the undergrowth while uncovering secret treasures. Running time 40 minutes.

Saturday 7 April, 2.30pm

The Adventures of Snigel

Tickets £5 per person BOOK

Age 1-8

Join Snigel the curious snail on an interactive adventure around the Barn. Play in Snigel’s bubbles, join them for a picnic, help them clean their shell and even learn some snaily dance moves. A promenade performance by award winning performance artist Caroline Bowditch. Running time 30 minutes.

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Four Go Wild in Wellies

Sunday 8 April, 1pm

Four Go Wild In Wellies

Tickets £5 per person BOOK

Age 3-5

A whimsical adventure featuring bobble hats, scarves, tents that have a life of their own and, of course, lots of fun in wellies! Four Go Wild In Wellies is a brand new show for audiences aged 3-5 years from Indepen-dance4, Scotland’s inclusive professional dance company. 

There will also be a workshop led by Indepen-dance4 at 3pm.