Maja Zeco

Residency 2016

Grains of Sound

Maja Zeco (born 1987 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an audio-visual artist, designer and VJ.

In October 2015 she received a studentship for a practice-led Ph.D from the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities. Her topic is “Placing sound: The Role of Aurality and Visuality in Locating Identities”. She is based at Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, and the partner institutions hosting her Ph.D research are the University of Aberdeen, and the Barn.

Maja's project 'Grains of Sound' resulted in a gallery exhibition and performance. In the performance Maja presents creative engagement with displacement and new beginnings. It explores identity, and how soundscapes from the environments that we inhabit shape our sense of self. Our relationship to the environment is challenged in an intimate way, by using body, movement, soil and sound. Programmed by the Barn as part of soundfestival 2016.

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Maja Zeco talks us through her exhibition Grains of Sound

She obtained a BA and an MA in Visual Arts, and Visual Communication Design, at the International University of Sarajevo. Her MA thesis was focused on the historical, theoretical and applied aspects of the visualisation of Electronic Dance Music. In the period 2010-2015 she worked at the International University of Sarajevo as assistant/senior assistant on the courses related to graphic design, video editing and animation.