Nicola Chambury: Holding Ground


Exhibition open* Tuesday 3 September - Wednesday 6 November @ 12pm - 4pm

(*Tuesday - Saturdays)

Please note that due to private functions, the exhibition will be closed on 19 and 25 October.

Crathes-based painter and printmaker Nicola Chambury’s works respond to landscape, place and experience, negotiating the tensions inherent in these ideas. Sometimes Chambury presents exquisitely detailed mono-coloured observations of flora and fauna, sometimes abstract, vibrant recordings of nature’s recovery after devastation.

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This Autumn, she takes over the Barn's exhibition galleries with new work that traces a path between space and place - echoing the way we constantly meander backwards and forwards through our landscape as well as the perceptions and expectations associated with these positions.

Movement for Nicola is walking through the landscape. We all walk differently, and we all vary our walk in different terrains, and this affects how we move through the landscape and how we relate to it. When making Holding Ground, Nicola explored her familiarity with the local landscape by walking over time, seasons and weathers, along marked trails, well worn tracks and secret paths known only to a few.

This walking experience of a landscape can be seen in the observation of the changing flora of a place, the development of personal maps created from experience of walking and memory, the recording of nature’s recovery after devastation and the making of paths.

Our hope is that Holding Ground reconfigures known territory to reveal a place where the natural world is moving and shifting, in flux…and perhaps, a space of possibility.

Holding Ground Pamphlet

Read the Holding Ground Pamphlet here