Riffing the Archive: Building a Relation

With the new year underway, and on-going restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect how we live day to day, the Barn has used this time to work with artists to transform and open up new opportunities for connection with YOU, our audience.

MARIE ANTOINETTE, an artist duo from Portugal - António and Mariana, have spent recent months collaborating with the Barn (staff and Board members, volunteers and audiences) on a special project called Riffing the Archive: Building A Relation. From a distance they have looked into our past work by collecting different experiences in the form of short videos, stories, photographs and conversations thus exploring communication and connection as a new way of being creative together.

A little bit on how it works. If you are on the Barn's mailing list you will receive 14 email communications over a 3 month period (if not you can subscribe below).These emails will be written by MARIE ANTOINETTE in their tone of voice with their own distinct identity. These emails are not ‘news updates’ from the Barn about the artists, with our usual imagery and ‘what’s on’ recommendations. The communications have been developed as unique artworks especially designed to be shared through email.

We realise that at the moment we are all exploring how we live and interact with one another differently, this includes our relationship to our screens, and screen time. Riffing the Archive: Building A Relation has been created with the intention to accompany, and be part of our daily lives and we want you to connect and come on this journey with us.

In parallel, you can have a new sort of intimate experience with art and its creation. You can choose to become part of the artists creative practice by interacting with MARIE ANTOINETTE directly through a dedicated email and we believe this will make your experience with the project richer and deeper.

Riffing the Archive: Building A Relation has been created with the intention of building an evolving reciprocal relationship with the organisation (us) and with you, our audience. We believe that when these sorts of relationships are built, care and creativity will ebb and flow between us, and we can begin to use art to help us to navigate the complex realities of the world today.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram channel as MARIE ANTOINETTE will be doing a longer, engaged artist takeover to connect us to the Riffing the Archive: Building A Relation.

I will be checking in with you all via email over the coming weeks to share thinking and experiences from the Barn’s team in relation to this unique project.

Best wishes,

Simone Stewart

Head of Creative Programme

the Barn