The Barn Bear by Donna Wilson

30th Sep · Dawn Hawkins

We are delighted to have been working with International textile designer Donna Wilson to make our very own Barn Bear.

The Barn Bear by Donna Wilson

We are absolutely delighted to have been working with International textile designer Donna Wilson to make our very own Barn Bear wearing Aberdeenshire tartan, also designed by Donna.

Exclusively available at our new retail space FOLD, we are sure our bear will appeal to big kids and little kids alike and be cherished and cuddled for years to come.

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Donna, who is originally from this area was commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council through its 2013 'Be Part of the Picture Placemaking Programme' to design and create Home Colours specifically for Aberdeenshire. The colours, inspired by the diverse beauty of Aberdeenshire’s landscape, were chosen by pupils from six schools across the area.

Home Colours

Pinky Red - from the strong sunsets and infamous Aunty Betty’s Sweet Shop – Stonehaven.

Chosen by 31 pupils from P7 Class at Mill O’Forest School, Stonehaven.

Frosty Green - from the Lichen found in Ladywood Forest – Aboyne.

Chosen by 25 pupils from P4/5 class at Aboyne Primary.

Gold - symbolising the colour of the golden barley fields before harvest – Bridge of Marnoch. Chosen by Donna Wilson.

Lilac Blue - symbolising the seas and skies around the coast – Fraserburgh.

Chosen by 24 pupils from P4 class at Lochpots School, Fraserburgh.

Forest Green - inspired by the Woodlands and Green Trees – Kintore.

Chosen by 29 pupils from P7 class at Kintore School.

Minty Green – representing the colour of sea spray – Peterhead.

Chosen by 17 pupils from P5/6 class at Dales Park School, Peterhead.

Copper - from the Glengarioch Distillery and the colour of Whisky - Old Meldrum.

Chosen by 25 pupils from P5/6 class at Meldrum School.

Donna Wilson said, “I was really honoured to be asked to design a mascot for the Barn, to be sold in their new retail space, FOLD. Barn Bear’s neckerchief is patterned with a tartan that I was commissioned to design for Aberdeenshire Council’s ‘Be Part of the Picture’ initiative back in 2013. This placemaking project aimed to change the way the county was seen by communities, visitors, and businesses alike, so it seems very fitting that it’s now part of the uniform of the mascot for the Barn, who are doing such a great job of supporting and promoting the arts within Banchory and Aberdeenshire.”

Councillor Peter Argyle, chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, said: "We are delighted to see the creation of the Barn Bear proudly wearing the region's tartan which features colours that draw directly from Aberdeenshire’s rich natural surroundings as well as elements of our communities' cultural heritage.

Tartan remains a hugely important part of our rich, diverse heritage and we are proud that it continues to provide a lasting symbol of Aberdeenshire. We are sure this Barn Bear will prove very popular with visitors to the Barn at Burn O Bennie."

Barn Bear is available to purchase exclusively at FOLD, the Barn’s new retail space, open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm.

Donna Wilson

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