Spring-time family activities

1st Apr · Dawn Hawkins

With the warmer weather and spring at our doorstep, time to enjoy the outdoors with a few of our favourite creative activities this Easter holidays.

Spring-time family activities

With the warmer weather and spring at our doorstep, time to enjoy the outdoors with a few of our favourite creative activities this Easter holidays. From scavenger hunts to ideas about composting with artists Bibo and Brian, here are some family-friendly resources to keep the wee ones busy on your next woodland adventure or on a rainy day.

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Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to add some excitement while on your next outdoor adventure. For the object finding scavenger hunt; grab a basket, paper bag or bucket and let children round up the items on the list. This is a very engaging activity for the younger ones, ask them to describe the object; it’s shape, colour and texture.

Spring Time Hunt

Once they have collected all the items, why not ask children to create a piece of land art inspired by British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy? He creates temporary land art installations made out of sticks and stones. Your own land art can be created in your garden and observed as the elements change, disperse and disappear over time.

Land Art Kids

Nature Riddles

The nature based riddles can be used to create your own indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt. Each of the 10 riddles can be written and hidden around the house with the answer leading to the next clue! The answers of which the objects are hard to find, such as a crane, can be drawn and displayed for the wee ones to discover. These riddles can also make a great dinner-time family game!

Spring Time Riddles

Scavenger hunt & Nature Riddles

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ArtsDrop by Southbank Centre

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Aberdeen-based artists Bibo and Brian Keeley originally created their creative booklet titled “Growing Together” as part of the Southbank Centre nation-wide health and well-being project; Art by Post. Their engaging and inspiring work has since been adapted for ArtsDrop, a set of downloadable arts-themed resources for schools and families, linked to the curriculum.

“There are many ways to use art and creativity to think about how we care for the places we live in. We are all part of nature and our future as humans depends on the natural world. Bibo & Brian will inspire us to think about, explore and imaginatively enter into the living systems that connect us all.”

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Bibo & Brian’s ArtsDrop creative booklet

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To access the full range of free ArtsDrop booklets...

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*Adults may need to provide some guidance so that kids can make the best use of ArtsDrop.

We hope you enjoy participating in these family-friendly activities. We would love to see you collecting for the scavenger hunt or participating in composting with Bibo and Brian!

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Happy Spring!

Answers for the riddles: