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Hi, I’m Barney – your behind the scenes peek at everyday Barn life. We’ll talk to the movers and the shakers, the artists and the makers, but we’ll also hear from the weeders, the tech dudes and the neighbours. In fact everyone and everything is fair game, in a bid to find out just what makes this great place tick.  We’ll look into the past, find out what’s happening right now and try to predict the future. We’ll try to unpick the complicated and creative being that is the Barn, from roots to roof and back again. I’m looking forward to seeing you here and hearing your comments too!

Still a relatively recent addition to the Barn’s repertoire, this season of classic film matinee screenings are proving popular with local people living with dementia and their supporters. Shown once a month on a Wednesday afternoon, the films and surrounds are specially chosen, and I spoke to Keava McMillan, the Barn’s programming manager about what this involves.   

‘The matinees always include a short interval where tea, coffee and biscuits are served on a hostess trolley by our friendly volunteers. We work hard to create a relaxed and welcoming environment -- everyone is warmly greeted on arrival. People are encouraged to relax, and even walk around if they want to. We’ve collaborated with the local Forget Me Not charity, which provided training for our staff and volunteers.

‘We put a lot of thought into the choice of films too, this time we’ve chosen a new film, a classic romantic comedy and something a bit different. We choose the films really carefully to make sure the film is a good match for our audience”. 

Audrey Hepburn 1963 Charade Cary Grant Dvdbash09

The season begins with The Artist on Wednesday 6 June, a recent film set in the final days of Hollywood’s silent cinema, charting the rise of a young starlet against the fall of a star. The film won a cornucopia of awards and also features a delightful dog. Following on, Wednesday 4 July is a Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Monroe and Russell are showgirls en route to Paris with decidedly different attitudes about love and life. Finally on Wednesday 8 August, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant star (need I go on?) in Charade, a romantic comedy murder mystery from 1963, shot in Paris with a score by Henry Mancini.

As one of the audience put it after a recent showing, ‘Happy times, meeting new people and memories of yesteryears.’

Oh, and I should add that everyone is very welcome at these afternoon showings, tickets are a mere £3 each and that includes your fly and funcy piece! 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Wallpapers 3

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