Gettin’s House Downloads

16th Jun · Dawn Hawkins

An installation created especially for the Barn by artist Christina Peake.

Thank you for participating in Gettin’s House, our vibrant and immersive onsite installation and series of digital works created by Bajan British artist Christina Peake. 

You can read more about the installation here:

Please find all the downloads below...

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The Kite Competition

The Giddy Gede and The Hard Gede


Watch instructions to make your kite

Gettins House By Christina Peake Kite Instructions

Written Kite Instructions


Download the Family Walks

Holders Hill Walk

Gully Walk

Stories with Shane Strachan

Join North-East writer and performer Shane Strachan as he takes on the character of a farmer originally from Old Meldrum, Inverurie – a Jacobite named Andrew Smith who was captured in the Jacobite rising of 1745 when he fought with Bonnie Prince Charlie to restore the Stuart dynasty to the royal British throne. After being captured, he was boarded on a prison ship known as the Frere which departed from Tilbury, London on the 20 March 1747 for Barbados. He has just arrived here on the island after his long voyage and has heard rumour of a place called Gettin’s House nearby that he would like to visit...

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In exchange for teaching the families he meets some of his language – Doric – could you help him in return by drawing a picture of what Gettin’s House looks like and help him find it?

Send in your creative drawings to and help Andrew Smith find his way around the Island of Barbados to Gettin’s House.