Crafting Interconnections: between ways of making and living

5th Aug · Dawn Hawkins

A season of workshops, exhibition and discussions hosted by the Barn exploring the interconnections between craft and environmental sustainability.

Crafting Interconnections: between ways of making and living is a season of events developed in collaboration between the Barn and Applied Arts Scotland to explore the interconnections between craft and environmental awareness. Alongside sustainability, this season will provide opportunities to think about craft within the environmental crisis. It will explore ways of thinking and making that is focused in care for the environment and the well-being of human beings alongside the non-human.

Come Rain Or Come Shine Lynne Hocking Mennie Coastsun

Image: Come Rain or Come Shine, Lynne Hocking-Mennie and Prach Niyomka - Mann Craft

Events include :

  • Meet Make Collaborate” - an exhibition of craft work developed collaboratively between makers in Scotland, Mexico, Thailand and Canada responding to themes of identity and sustainability and ideas around human and environmental wellbeing through collaboration. Book here.
  • A series of online and in-person workshops, artist talks and demonstrations by experienced makers from across Scotland exploring values, materials and craft practices in the context of environmental sustainability. Book now for:
  • Film screening and panel discussion with makers whose work addresses the themes of sustainability and wellbeing (human and environmental) within the Meet Make Collaborate exhibition. Book here.
  • flock 2021 contemporary craft and design fair developed and hosted annually at the Barn. This year, we are asking more questions of makers and designers who apply for flock 2021, not because we want them to create ‘eco-products’ for an environmentally conscious market but for them to consider the issues raised by the Crafting Interconnections season and how their values might connect with ways of invigorating communities and the care and wellbeing of the environment. Their responses will be considered as part of the selection process.

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Crafting Interconnections: between ways of making and living

In parallel to public events running throughout the autumn, the Barn and Applied Arts Scotland will be working with makers to support and develop their practice informed by insights and approaches emerging from Applied Arts Scotland’s ‘Closing the Loop ’ programme as well as discussions that take place during "Identity, Sustainability & Collaboration: An online, international festival of craft" from 27 - 30 September 2021.

To book onto the live, online exhibition tour at 13:45, Thursday 30 September 2021 please click here.