The Black and White Ball

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Friday 2nd November. Join us at the Barn for an evening of eerie entertainment with a 1920’s theme.

Join us at the Barn for an evening of eerie entertainment with a 1920’s theme. Expect to be serenaded by the darkly comic Creative Martyrs, charmed by the live score of a classic silent horror film, and delighted by themed decor and cocktails. Fancy dress or dress fancy, creativity is encouraged.

Friday 2nd November. Doors open at 7pm. Dark Cabaret show with the Creative Martyrs at 7.30pm. Film with a Live Score at 9pm.


Comedic Dark Cabaret

@ 7.30pm

Satire, surrealism and song from the charmingly sinister ukulele and cello duo. With their Weimar Berlin stylings and their cutting edge satirical references, The Creative Martyrs are the perfect combination of modern and vintage entertainment.

A curious, bawdy hinterland between the Weimar Republic and Noel Coward, they may have just crafted a new Belle Epoch worth escaping to. The List
Creative Martyrs


A Silent Film with a Live Score

@ 9pm

F. W. Murnau’s original and haunting Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror is brought to life with a new score by Graeme Stephen, played live by a trio of musicians including the composer. This German silent film from the 1920’s still has the power to chill and enchant through Max Schreck’s masterful performance as the predatory vampire.

The frightful shadow of the vampire slides up a staircase to the reverberating strains of electric guitar … The grainy images flickering on screen are vintage, but the musical accompaniment is as contemporary as you can get: welcome to the world of guitarist Graeme Stephen, a widely respected guitarist on the Scottish jazz scene who in recent years has been turning his compositional talents to “live” scores which he and colleagues perform for silent movies The Scotsman
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Suitable for ages 14+

Tickets £15, £12 conc in advance / £17, £14 conc on the door

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