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Hi, I’m Barney – your behind the scenes peek at everyday Barn life. We’ll talk to the movers and the shakers, the artists and the makers, but we’ll also hear from the weeders, the tech dudes and the neighbours. In fact everyone and everything is fair game, in a bid to find out just what makes this great place tick.  We’ll look into the past, find out what’s happening right now and try to predict the future. We’ll try to unpick the complicated and creative being that is the Barn, from roots to roof and back again. I’m looking forward to seeing you here and hearing your comments too!

A Barn Romance

Once upon a time, weddings were held in summer fields and village halls, market squares and under old oak trees. Those venues were replaced by hotel ballrooms, registry offices and previously stately homes. But the tide has turned again, and wistful brides are searching for a simple, uncomplicated space, with rustic backdrops and a chance to design their own special day.

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Enter the Barn, stage left. Weddings aren’t a new thing here, but in recent years they have become a vital part of the fabric and fundraising efforts of this charitable organisation. Couples love the combination of simplicity and keen customer service that the partnership forged between the Barn and Buchanans offers. Both partners care deeply about the planet too, and so this attracts couples who feel the same.


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The wedding team are all friendly, customer focused people who have your best day at heart – there’s Debbie and Cath in the office, Jan to hold your hand on the day, Val and her team creating magic from local ingredients and Graeme to tidy up afterwards.

Oh, and there’s the Wild Garden round the back of the Barn, where green-fingered volunteers weave a kind of secret garden magic amongst the wild grasses and native trees, creating a natural backdrop for photographic gorgeousness.

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It’s not all hay bales and hessian however, they do have decent wifi, a state of the art projector and a swanky sound system, with improvements being made whenever there’s the cash to do so. You can get married here in the Gallery, sometimes accompanied by an art exhibition or two. The Barn is a licensed wedding venue, so any registered celebrants can perform marriage services here, plus the venue has legendary acoustics as a bonus. Bands are always delighted by the Barn if they’ve never been before – even if satnav has taken them over the not-for-the-fainthearted Cairn o’Mount. Some bands love it so much they keep coming back, and if you ask nicely, the office staff will tell you who they are.

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And to ice the proverbial cake, the wedding team have worked with loads of top notch local suppliers of every description from fabulous florists to purveyors of the finest ice cream – just ask and they’ll tell you all their secrets. Weddings at the Barn will always be special, because not only are you marrying the one you love in the best setting ever, you are helping to fund a very grateful and valued arts venue.

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