Leading pioneer of the eco-art movement Newton Harrison visits the Barn

24th Aug ·

The Dee and the Don Catchment Area – Creating Resilience to Climate Change

The Barn is delighted to be working with internationally acclaimed artist Newton Harrison, who along with his wife Helen Mayer, has been a leading figure in global arts & ecology since the 1960’s.

The Barn has invited Newton to visit Aberdeenshire to open a conversation leading to
action, involving local agencies and communities in exploring the impacts of climate change on our local environment, focusing initially on the catchments of the Dee and Don rivers. Following the Harrisons' methodology, we hope to create a space where all voices can be heard and practical strategies can be formulated and shared.

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Image by Kelly Sky

Newton and members of his team from the Centre for the Study of the Force Majeure in  Santa Cruz, California, will spend time in August 2017 visiting Deeside and meeting with the many environmental, scientific, academic, community and creative agencies who are already engaged with this critical issue.

The project will form the core of the Barn’s arts & ecology programme over the new  three years. Updates on the programme will be posted in the Learning section of the  Barn’s website.



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